Welcoming talent to team Nike.

We helped Nike with its UK&I sports marketing team on-boarding process.

Landing a position as a member of team Nike is an achievement, and the sports brand works hard to ensure its people are integrated into its proud history and culture, right from the start.


Maintaining any brand, especially one as strong as Nike’s, relies on the consistent communication of its vision and values both internally and externally.


To continue to attract, train and retain its strong talent, Nike felt it could do even more to smooth the experience of new starters and to reinforce the feeling that having secured a job at Nike is an achievement to be proud of.


Fuel worked with the Nike team to fully understand the experiences of new team members at every step of their onboarding. As a result the refreshed onboarding process now features a physical welcome pack and digital platform to ensure a warm welcome into the Nike family.

Nike’s on-boarding pack and digital platform offers support to new members of its UK&I sports marketing team, from training resources and schedules to discounts and benefit schemes.

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