Binging IGEL’s Disrupt event back better than ever.

Fuel has worked with IGEL over the years to make the DISRUPT event known as THE EUC event of the year, and after navigating through the tribulations of Covid, 2023 was the first year we were able to safely hold both North American and European events without restrictions.

Not only was it the first in-person, experiential event held by IGEL since the pandemic, it coincided with a huge announcement from the company – they were moving from software and hardware products to software only. This would be the first official time they announced Cosmos, their game-changing new platform that would completely redefine what the EUC industry thought possible.


We planned to inspire our audience with a powerful event thematic and messaging that delivers broke down barriers to innovation. We worked to educate attendees on new product changes and all the incredible ways the EUC world is changing. Finally, we had to engage individual groups (attendees, speakers, and sponsors), to make them advocates for the ‘YES’ mindset. On the attendee side, this included providing immersive and exciting experiences including live bands, pyrotechnics, parties, street food, arcade games, and more. 


With one event located in Nashville, and the other in Munich we had two of everything – deadline schedule, venues, ticket sales pushes and  timezones. We were working two parallel yet interweaving timelines simultaneously. And, as the events had different dates, we had to stay in constant communication to ensure that any knock-on effects were captured and rectified. 


We handled everything from hotel contracts and room reservations, event thematic and creatives, right through to ticket promotions, talent booking, physical set-up and more. We continued the legacy of the Disrupt presence with a sold-out event and plans already in the works for 2024. 

End User Computing is a vast and thriving market, and while many big tech events out there include it within their agenda, until IGEL, there has been no single event focused solely on EUC and its advancement. We’re proud to be supporting them in making it the single most important EUC event of the year, every year.

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