Our Testimonials.

Here’s a selection of comments from our incredible customers.


“We worked with a couple of outstanding individuals in Fuel and the 2 key individuals we hold in high regard are Alex Calton, Adam Lonergan. They partnered closely with our team to develop an internal facing tool which a majority of our internal stakeholders (sales and marketing) found very helpful and easy to use. It was the first asset/ Tool for our line of business and one that can be accessible 24 x 7. This project displayed their prowess in creative strategy, understanding the customer journey and copy content that pulls the audience. Overall, we are very pleased to have Fuel Integrated as one of our creative partners.”


“I love working with Fuel. They listen to their customer and try to match the final output to the desires of their customer. I’ve worked with many vendors in the past that refuse to listen to the customer and work on their own creative ambitions, which is VERY frustrating when you’re the paying customer. It’s always refreshing to work with Fuel…as they always listen to their customer.”


“Fuel Integrated is an exceptional agency that makes an effort to truly understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Then they use their creative talent to help you drive towards those goals using a myriad of ideas: video, digital marketing, web design, content creation, event support, branding assistance, and so much more. To top it off they are an extremely friendly and fun team with which to work.”


“They are an extension of our business, and we love working with them. They always go the extra mile and are pleasure to work with. We place a huge amount of trust in them. We have worked with other agencies along the way, and alongside Fuel, but no other agency understands our people and our business like fuel “


“Fuel is staffed by a smart, hardworking group of people who make every client feel like their priority. I’ve worked with various members of the Fuel team on several projects across two different SaaS companies. They bring fresh ideas to the table and always deliver while providing ongoing communication for the duration of each project. I appreciate their ability to take my big ideas and bring them to life, whether it be booth designs for tradeshows, brand awareness videos, or niche advertising creative needs.”


“Great team to work with, would happily recommend to any organisation that needs support.”

Skyhigh Security.

“I sought out Fuel after working with them at a previous company, I knew they could deliver what we were looking for.“


“The agencies creative concepts really hit the nail on the head especially when it comes to delivery. We were in awe of the event design they created for a project that took us across two continents. Working with them with easy, turnarounds were quick, and the collaborative approach made it a joy to work with them.”

Guardian Display.

“We always like Fuel’s professional approach to every project we work on. Always completed on time and with great creativity.”


“Fuel is creative, collaborative, and committed. Every project we do with the Fuel team results in positive feedback from our internal customers and from the industry!”


“Love working with a very professional organization who are all good at what they do.”

Michelin Connected Fleet.

“We’ve used Fuel for a wide range of projects from our brand strategy through to event management and sales and marketing communication and collateral. Over this period of working with them, which included during COVID restrictions, they were always pro-active in their approach to the project management and by doing this, took a huge painpoint away from us as the client. As well as managing our projects in an efficient way, they deliver the goods too. We’ve been really pleased how our briefs have been interpreted and delivered and in line with all our brand guidelines. The team are professional, approachable and very collaborative on their approach and this is very much in line with our preferred ways of working.”

Stories Rule.

“I like everything about Fuel. They are very creative, they are miracle workers when it comes to execution, and they do it all with a smile. This is a great, world-class agency”


“Fuel Integrated lives by its name – their brand work is gorgeous and interoperable across digital and print; it reflects an understanding of your business; not only brand strategy, but industry, customer base and their personas. They do great work, on short time lines when needed, and operate as an extension of your team. There’s nothing I dislike; I’d love to keep them on a permanent retainer :)”


“Great products, great people.”

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