Helping TES apply their new brand with confidence.

We enabled the brand’s sales and marketing teams to gain the most from their vibrant new identity.

As a well established and trusted name in education, it was vital TES communicated its newly refreshed identity accurately and confidently in an increasingly noisy and competitive marketplace.


TES had undergone a major transformation in its business model and market propositions. A newly created identity was created to promote this, but it was proving difficult for the teams to apply effectively.


We created a set of design management principles, for the teams to follow, in order to leverage the new identity’s benefits in both a creative and consistent manner and in a dynamic, commercial environment.


The resulting TES Brand Identity playbook immediately provided the sales and marketing teams with the ability to communicate with their customers and markets in a confident and rewarding manner.

TES asked us to help them leverage the value of their new brand identity, which was proving difficult to deploy.

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