Celebrating IGEL’s pioneering customers.

We supported and helped promote IGEL’s bold IT Baller customer testimonial programme.

IGEL has a very special relationship with its customers and is renowned for celebrating and recognising them as ‘IT Ballers’. For the last two years we have helped devise a microsite to host the search for a customer and testimonial that would see them heralded as ‘IT Baller’ of the year.


The microsite would play host to customer testimonial competition entries and be the platform where visitors could vote on the shortlisted finalists.


Key to the competition’s success would be the simplicity of the site’s UX and UI, as well as the supporting social media content activity.


Each year the site collects over 900 votes across the shortlisted finalists. All voters receive thank you emails with entries and votes tracked for accuracy and fairness.

IGEL needed an inspiring, engaging and easy to manage microsite platform to host and promote their customer testimonial competition.

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