Reconnecting IGEL’s EUC pros in a virtual event to remember.

We helped IGEL to navigate a virtual environment to reconnect End User Computing (EUC) professionals with thought-leaders, community experts and the world’s leading vendors in cloud workspaces.

Disrupt Cloud Workspace Forum is a successful, in-person, event brand for EUC professionals. We helped to create a Digital equivalent to bring them all together to assess, discuss and share news, the hottest topics and thought leadership. During a stressful time, at the drop of a hat, is where Fuel came in.


Supported by leading technology brands, including Citrix and Microsoft, Disrupt Cloud Workspace Forum “Re:Connect” brought together EUC professionals in an online Cloud format. The forum’s hosts, IGEL Technology, needed an immersive event and platform that would continue the success of its in-person forum, with its reputation for insights, energy and fun.


Past themes have always sought to capture the moment, and this time around the “Re:connect” theme aimed to reach out to EUC professionals during a time of social distancing, travel bans and uncertainty. Fuel worked closely with the IGEL team to ensure the Disrupt brand continued to provide a purposeful event platform for industry leaders, evangelists, engineers and marketers to share insights, innovations and more than just a little community spirit. We needed to move the Disrupt brand online and prove it could be more than just an elaborate webinar.


Over 1,500 attendees experienced complete online brand immersion within a digital environment that inspired, educated and engaged from the start. From the opening Keynote performance by the ‘Disrupt Band’, to the MC hosted content and in-depth breakouts EUC professionals were treated to a day that proved virtual events could be more than just webinars. Furthermore, it provided a return on investment in terms of conversations and pipeline that rivalled in-person events.

As IGEL’s trusted advisor, we supported the creation of a unique online event for EUC professionals to share and discuss the challenges they have overcome in the last three months.

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