Building Trust and Shared Vision in the Worker-Management Relationship

Fostering Collaboration

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Johannah Randall

The relationship between workers and management is complex and multi-faceted. Strikes often signal a breakdown in this relationship, highlighting a lack of trust and shared vision. While compensation is certainly an important issue, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

To truly create a collaborative relationship between workers and management, it’s essential to focus on the bigger picture – a vision that is driven by the needs and desires of all stakeholders, including paying passengers and freight customers. The Potentuel framework proposes a new way of working that puts the customer first and engages all employees in the process of finding innovative solutions.

But achieving this kind of collaborative relationship requires more than just a change in approach. It demands a willingness to break free from the toxic and outdated industrial relations cycle that has plagued the railways for decades. It requires leaders who are willing to listen, trust, and empower their employees, and employees who are willing to step up and contribute to a shared vision.

Ultimately, creating a Universally Successful Destination requires a shift in mindset – one that focuses on the collective success of all stakeholders, rather than just individual gain. It’s a challenging task, but one that is essential if we want to build a better future for the railways – and for society as a whole.

Reach Your Universally Successful Destination: Let’s Discuss Your Rail Vision and Partner with Potentuel for Transformation.

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