7 final touches to consider for your next experiential event

Dean Morris

Sales kick-offs... Global conferences…Booths and sponsorships at industry expos...

Planning your next big event is exciting and stressful in equal parts. Keeping your attendees engaged and your presence fresh is one of the biggest challenges any brand faces. We’ve worked on hundreds of events for global companies across the world – from Las Vegas to London. Here are some of the best ways to stand out and stay memorable.

#1 Explore self-powering technology

While some brands will purposely seek out venues that have a commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, it’s not always viable when you have a specific location in mind.

There are ways you can bring the sustainability message to you, though. Foot-powered pedal bikes can be bought or hired and used to power the generator that’s supplying electricity to your stand or certain parts of your event. Not only does it promote your green credentials, having team members cycle on rotation will also attract attention and provide the ‘shareability’ factor.

#2 Include chillout spaces

Your space or venue should be about more than just sales opportunities. Creating a brand experience that attendees can connect with is important for making a lasting impression.

If you have the luxury of space, try to incorporate some relaxing breakout zones. Think comfy sofas, charging points and free snacks. It’ll give invitees somewhere to catch up on emails, post on social media and take a break from the chaos.

#3 Gamify what you can

Whether it’s including a games console in your chillout areas, creating VR experiences at the booth itself, or setting up ice-breaker competitions – everyone loves to be entertained. Even the smallest nod to gamification can help your brand stay front of mind.

Or, if you’re hosting the whole event, you could go all in and look at ways to encourage attendees to explore the floor in full. Some brands like to encourage rewards with virtual check-ins at different areas in a treasure-hunt style adventure, with rewards collected on arrival at each location.

#4 Photo booths are a winner 

While it’s likely that attendees will ‘check in’ on social media with a post on arrival or at a particular point of the day they are associated with, it’s often hard to portray the enjoyment that’s been had at an event unless there are planned photo opportunities.

Digital photo booths allow you to capture attendees in a relaxed state, and the latest models can even send the pictures straight to social media on their behalf.

#5 Text-in Q&As 

If you’re looking to address topics your audience is interested in, think about promoting a text-in number where they can ask questions in advance of a later Q&A slot. This is sometimes more beneficial than interacting with the audience in real time, as it gives you an opportunity to prepare your answers up-front and avoids any confrontational discussions.

#6 Encourage creative badges, coffee cups or lanyards 

The execution is crucial in ensuring the concept doesn’t fall flat, but this is a great way to create opportunities for expert conversations. We’ve seen brands hand out colour-coded lanyards to attendees based on the purpose of their visit, as well as badges or coffee cups they can customise with their interests.

#7 QR codes for digital business cards 

Physical business cards still command some weight in a sales interaction, but they aren’t very practical and could end up lost or littered across the venue. QR codes that link directly to digital card downloads ensure your details are kept safe, while adding a small element of interaction.

While many applications allow you to swap information digitally, you can’t rely on your attendees to have the same app as you. To navigate this issue, you could encourage the download of a specific app in your pre-event communications, or you could develop a URL where attendees can both download your card and leave their information.

Beyond this, you could offer a high-value download piece that they access via a QR code, but requires them to submit their details. Or say you’ll add them on LinkedIn and send them the download via an InMail link.

Excite at your next event

Take your attendee experience to new levels with specialist guidance and event planning. From core creative messaging, concepts and keynote development through to execution, installation and management – we can help drive attendance, engagement and create unforgettable event experiences for your guests.

Find out more about our experiential event consultancy or get in touch with one of the team. 


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