Welcoming athletes into the Nike family.

We supported Nike with athlete onboarding.

Achieving the status of a Nike athlete is a dream of many sports men and women and the brand maintains this proud history, and culture, through regular communication with its sponsored athletes. We were asked to further strengthen Nike’s onboarding communications with a pack, to ensure new athletes feel welcomed into the business relationship and understand the magnitude of their achievement as a member of the Nike family.


Nike-sponsored athletes enter into a business relationship with the brand, so Nike ensures each member feels valued and are equipped with everything they need to succeed.


To continue to build upon its valued sports relationships, Nike turned to us for further resources to welcome new athletes into the Nike family.


The premium welcome pack is designed to give new starters an insight into the power of the athlete-sponsor relationship.

The welcome pack provides guidance on the business side of being a Nike-sponsored athlete – from wearing and using the brand’s products to using social media to its best advantage.

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