Mobilizing IGEL’s cloud workspaces community.

We helped bring together IGEL’s North American and European teams, partners and customers at Disrupt 2019 Challenge Everything.

IGEL has a special relationship with its teams, customers and partners. Working with IGEL’s marketing team we helped to plan a week’s activity, designed to bring together IGEL’s cloud workspaces community and ask the question: Are you ready to “Challenge Everything”?


The Disrupt 2019 conference was held in Munich, Germany followed by San Jose, USA bringing together global communities in endpoint security and optimization.


Key to Disrupt’s success would be addressing the hottest trends of the year, as IT organizations look for the insights, and best practices, to help them face the monumental changes ahead.


Keynotes, technical bootcamps and training were aimed at enabling attendees to take their cloud workspaces to new levels of cost efficiency, simplicity and protection.

Featuring prominent industry speakers, sharing insights and trends on transformation, the conference highlighted why today’s organizations need to “Challenge Everything.”

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