Immersing NXP’s customers in a highly interactive experience

We helped NXP to showcase its RADAR offering through an immersive story-telling platform.

NXP’s customers are an educated and experienced audience, so the semi-conductor giant is always searching for new and fresh ways to express its highly technical offerings in an easy-to-digest format. We supported NXP with an experience-first webpage, designed to guide the user through a seamless journey of discovery and education.


Adapting an existing whitepaper, that provided details about the evolving safety requirements of autonomous vehicles and RADAR, we created an interactive, digital storytelling platform. Pushing the boundaries of UX design, 3D animation and video content production, the webpage navigates the user through a journey that is easy to absorb at their own speed.


NXP needed a way to engage its highly technical customer base about advanced and almost futuristic technology, so we focused on walking the user around the car and showing and highlighting where particular features appear to enhance the user’s experience.


Working with NXP to showcase its story through a script, users can scroll through the interactive platform at their own pace. Presented as an immersive experience to remember, Fuel also created an engaging social campaign for NXP to promote its new interactive offering.

The invaluable information included in NXP’s whitepaper is now presented attractively and engagingly to create traction with customers.

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