Helping DDN unveil a new brand identity & vision.

After a number of successful acquisitions, we helped to solidify DDN as the brand behind the brands.

Fuel supported DDN in revolutionising its brand identity by shaping a coherent and compelling story, giving strength to its new family of technology brands, collective heritage and expertise.


DDN sought the creation of a new brand identity, brandmark and informational materials to better reflect both its heritage as a leader in high performance computing and as a cutting edge innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Management software and hardware solutions that enable Intelligent Infrastructure.


In 2019 DDN rapidly evolved due to a series of acquisitions. DDN’s new identity mirrors its vision to deliver consistent and seamless technologies, opening the door to future opportunities. Its new brandmark includes the creation of the DDN roundel, which emphasises continuous innovation and relentless customer focus.


DDN’s new brand identity brings consistency to reduce confusion for customers and to remove any roadblocks for the DDN team. DDN’s identity overhaul further excels the company’s plan to deliver best-in-class technology to the broader enterprise market and the new roundel highlights its sustainable technological excellence.

DDN’s new brandmark, aesthetic and messaging now better reflects its broader market strategy and direction.

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