Championing thin clients as the hero of the enterprise.

We helped AMD evangelise the heroic capabilities of thin clients.

AMD are the leading technology brand for embedded processors whose products are a key ingredient in thin clients produced by the likes of HP, Dell and others that power high performance virtualized desktops. We were asked to showcase the ‘heroic’ capabilities of thin clients and the real life benefits.


We were invited to propose a creative media campaign that evangelised the heroic, high performance capabilities of thin clients and the benefits they bring to everyone in today’s modern enterprise.


Aimed at aspiring C suite-bound IT professionals, the project comprised of a media campaign in key line of business and technology titles, a syndicated content campaign, infographic content and a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) indicator.


The TCO indicator and supporting selling content provided compelling arguments and key insight on how thin clients are a high performance alternative to traditional desktop computers.

The campaign gave voice to AMD’s position in the market, and its thought and innovative leadership in creative high performance processors.

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