“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Henry Ford

I’m in automotive.

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Steve Tolton

Why consider electric cars.

While fully-electric cars are becoming more accessible and affordable our mindset has to take a step change on where and when we’ll be able to fuel.

We have always been an agency that thrives on change.

We strive to learn and understand what it takes to succeed and maintain a sustainable business for ourselves. With a strong belief in our own communications, our ethos centres around trust, values, community and respect. At the heart of everything we create is ‘helpfulness’ and ‘understanding’. Nothing adds value more than these basic values.

How we'll support you.

Marketing partner.

Automotive goes back a long way with all of our team. In fact, much of our experience in b2b and b2c brand marketing as a whole we have drawn from our automotive experience. This includes understanding different persona desires and wants and the differences between emotional and rationale drivers. If you’re looking for an automotive marketing partner, we speak the language of you and your customers.

Trusted advisors.

Our customers in automotive have seen meteoric changes in the last 25 years. From the way consumers relate to vehicle acquisition and ownership to the value and role of the dealer and brand relationship. By drawing on our collective team experience in automotive consumer and trade marketing, publishing and brand development, we work with you to inspire, educate and engage new generations of motoring consumers and trade partners.


Having the agility to detect and appreciate evolving trends, and embrace them, is crucial for a business. Our teams have supported some of the world’s leading manufacturers and digital brands in automotive, during a pivotal periods automotive history, and supported several firms business transformation. Just as we helped steer these companies forwards, we are able to do the same for you.

Digital content & collateral.

Over the years Fuel has helped develop and deliver focused trade and consumer campaigns that span the marketing mix. From inspiring motoring consumers and trade customers at numerous national and international motor shows through to garden events. Helping inform and educate markets with incisive digital content, collateral and communications programmes, we empower sales people with engaging sales tools, experiences and campaigns. Fuel can help you where you need it, right across your business.

Brand development & marketing.

We help our customer brand marketers build and maintain meaningful trusted relationships in the lifecycle of vehicle desire, ownership and disposal. From understanding valuations, to gaining and promoting clarity on vehicle provenance. Our experience has also seen us support a national motoring classified publishing brand transform itself into digital marketplace to sell and buy cars, especially new ones. Let us talk to you about your brand’s consumer and trade marketing and sales challenges.

Integrated communications.

We have 15 years of experience in supporting our customers with their integrated communications. Having helped world-wide automotive brands, we come with a wealth of ideas and knowledge to take your brand to the next level. From supporting your sales team with communications to attracting new sales with external marketing, simple, clear communications is what you will find with Fuel. We’re here to help you drive your ambitions.

Inspiring people, works.

Only when we inspire are we a success.

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