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Matt Thompson

Having worked together closely for nearly thirty years in the automotive, data and tech space, Steve and I often found ourselves at events or working together on initiatives with great teams where a like-mindedness came to light. A realisation that there was pent up demand and willingness from people to be a part of where their company was going. Great ideas, innovation and customer facing front-line experience were being wasted. Talent wasn’t being valued and was moving on.

We could feel their frustration and it was frustrating for us too, as we could see how putting people in the driving seat would allow them to unlock their full potential and the potential of their business.

Put people in the driving seat

Helping business leaders harness the energy, enthusiasm and talents is all too often overlooked in organisations and enterprises. It’s seen as a peripheral tactic or just too hard. This thinking combined with the profound changes brought by the pandemic is what brought Steve and I together in late 2020 to form Potentuel.

People need to be part of the future success of their business and have the trust to express their ideas, criticisms, and feelings openly and safely without judgement. In return we believe the talent will also have the maturity to grasp this new responsibility enthusiastically and seriously – and reciprocate with their every day deeds and how they work with customers.

By putting people in the driving seat, it allows diversity of the individual and their talents to be embraced. It aligns everyone’s power in such a way to scale human abilities exponentially. It offers a home to attract and retain talent, hearts and minds that have the most to contribute, extroverts and introverts alike.

Why now is the right time to embrace change

Now is the time for visionary companies to develop a universally successful destination and a new long-term relationship with their people and through them their customers. They have recognised that their people are their most valuable asset, their primary source for future success, innovation, competitive advantage and growth. That the relationship has to change if they want to attract, retain and develop talent.

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