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We’re Inspiring People. Who’s Inspiring You?

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Steve Tolton

A customer and leader who I have a huge amount respect for, once said: "What’s better than working with people on your same wavelength, who share your vision….”

Well that’s where I find myself today. Working with a team of wonderful people that continue to inspire me to do better things, relentlessly every day. Who grow in stature with every challenge they face in their daily role of inspiring our customers. These are people that know I love a challenge, and rise to the occasion time after time. And have done so – in particular – for the last four months.

They’re my team. I’m proud of every one of them for everything they do. Because together, when it matters most, we’re inspiring people.

Who’s Inspiring You?

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About the author.

Steve Tolton is the Managing and Executive Creative Director at Fuel Integrated.

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