Urgency in Enacting Great British Railways Legislation.

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Johannah Randall

As we approach the five-year anniversary of the timetable debacle that led to the rail review, it's concerning to see that the proposed legislation to create Great British Railways (GBR) has been delayed. Over 60 rail business leaders have written to the Prime Minister, urging him not to delay in bringing forward legislation to enact the Government's rail reform plans in the coming Parliamentary year. As an industry, we need to pull together to create a Universally Successful Destination that we can all agree on and move forward with.

A universally successful destination can provide a clear direction for the industry, bringing leaders, employees, and stakeholders together to work towards a common goal. By involving everyone in the planning and direction of the business, we can unlock new ideas and potential solutions to current challenges. This can result in better communication and collaboration across the industry, leading to a more cohesive and efficient rail system.

However, delays in enacting the GBR legislation are causing a range of issues for the industry. The bad press and uncertainty surrounding the future structure of the industry is jeopardising progress with essential rail works, investments, and business growth.

This uncertainty is also leading to a lack of direction and motivation for employees, causing them to feel demoralised and unmotivated. This is not good for customers, growth, or meeting future challenges. Furthermore, these issues may exacerbate the skills shortages and recruitment difficulties already facing the industry, ultimately driving up costs and reducing the quality of services provided to passengers and freight customers.

It’s essential that the government takes note of the concerns raised by rail business leaders and moves forward with enacting the GBR legislation. By doing so, we can provide a clear direction for the industry, unlock new ideas and solutions, and ultimately create a more efficient and effective rail system that benefits everyone.

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