The Human Economy and the currency of Trust

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Steve Tolton

The human economy, it’s where we truly build our businesses and our brands. Quietly, simply and sustainably through the universal currency of trust. A currency that features vital values such as empathy, relationships and commitment. Where we can all realise the value in what we do together.

The human economy falls outside politics, religion, race and gender. It’s the one ‘market’ where lasting value is built, traded and where respect hits home. Attracting, nurturing and retaining further individual and collective human investment. It’s where kindness and understanding matters more and are the influencing factors in building any kind of sustainable ‘market’ value.

We humans don’t need AI to help us understand each other and figure out where we fit in. We already come equipped with the Authentic Intelligent abilities to decide right from wrong. Of course history has shown, and continues to show, we are all very much a work in progress here.

How do we move forward in the Human Economy?

No matter whether you are in a leadership position or not, a chief economist even, whatever, YOU can be a leader (it’s not a club), and importantly be a valued and trusted player in The Human Economy. To move forward, we need to take stock of ourselves, each other and how we play our part in building viable, sustainable human economies – at least in our businesses, brands and organisations where we can have the most influence and leadership.

But here’s the small print. You may not get back everything you invest. And value of what you invest may go down as well as up. But the currency of The Human Economy is built on far more definable values than traditional or transformative short term coinages. And that’s the currency of Trust in The Human Economy.

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