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Steve Tolton

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Algorithms. Seeing Machines. With so much incredibly clever, smart technology and resources at a marketer’s disposal today, understanding what is going to successfully connect humans with other humans effectively, has never been more important.

Understanding how to power human communications in an increasingly noisy, technology-immerse world will be paramount.

To inform, entertain and educate each other. Inspiring each other. Spurring others to engage with us. If anything – just to help make them sit up and pay attention.

Remembering that simply being helpful in everything we do, is often all that’s needed when planning a customer engagement piece.

Using humour or the unexpected message to entertain and stand out. Being brilliant at the creative basics will always remain a uniquely human ability and maintaining the ability to understand how to power human communications in an increasingly noisy, technology-immerse world will be paramount.

This is not a luddite agenda. At my agency we use all the latest tools, thinking and methods available to us and continue to look for others.

With our customers’ resources stretched, and a need to scale-up and drive pipeline, it’s natural to look to technology and digital methodologies for the answers.

It’s a vital and necessary step on our evolutionary agenda. One that’s driven by sheer commercial needs and the natural human desire to innovate, compete and win.

However, doing that without understanding what is actually going to be truly ‘helpful’ in that quest remains crucial.

More than clever communications.

From crisp, insightful content to human-centric, fuss-free interfaces that are more than just clever – they are human-helpful.  Understanding that humans aren’t logical also helps. Humans will always take their own paths of desire whether we like it or not, have diverged opinions, or are simply time-poor. We need to do more to understand and accommodate ourselves.

Until the wholesale replacement of humans (hopefully not in our lifetimes), clear, crisp communications and interfaces built around three simple steps:

1. Inspire people

2. Educate them

3. Engage them, at both an emotional and rational way, will remain fundamental to powering human success.

Let’s also not forget that the more we inspire, the more we educate and the more we engage, the more we are also raising the game. Effectively, de-sensitising ourselves in the process.

What was marvellous last year is already normal this year. We’re over it. Whatever it was.

Trusted advisor.

For my team at Fuel, Powering human communications starts with the ‘helpful’ and looks to deliver more than just ‘smart’ or ‘clever’. They are simply value vehicles that get us there, but they aren’t the answer.

Powering human communications is all about a subtle mix of simplicity, customer-centric design, sheer usefulness and easily digestible content that ‘helps’ people see, understand and act with success.

About the author.

Steve Tolton is the Managing and Executive Creative Director of Fuel Integrated.

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