It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week, here in the UK. 

Let’s all work on our Wellness.

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Steve Tolton

Whether you are fortunate to be in work or not, staying on top of things is a job in itself. Especially if you’re tasked with supporting others, from your family to your colleagues, during these times of incredibly anxious uncertainty.

Let’s all work on celebrating our team wellness.

Focus. A sense of Purpose and understanding how you add Value.

These are all words and phrases often seen and heard in relation to delivering marketing programmes, nurturing customers and forging lasting brand relationships. As words they’re strident. Confident. All driven towards positive outcomes. They frame the aims and outcomes that we all recognise are great to work with and towards.

But these words, during tough times, must translate in tangible actions. Otherwise they’ll all fall flat. Become irrelevant. And will seem pretty remote from the way we’re feeling about exactly what it is we’re doing at any time. It’s inevitable that we won’t always feel as focused as we should. Occasionally we’ll lack a sense of purpose, which left alone to fester will undermine our self-worth and value to ourselves, our colleagues and customers.

Smiling in the face of uncertainty.

For myself I’ve always relished uncertainty, bared my teeth at it – and seen it as an opportunity to define some certainty. Filling that unknown void. Uniting minds and creating something out of seemingly nothing and then inspiring others to follow.

I’m privileged to lead a team of extremely creative people. These last two and a half months they have shown incredible resilience in the face of massive uncertainty. In supporting their customers with inspiring levels of creativity and service. And just as importantly supporting each other brilliantly. They’ve showed-up every weekday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for our daily 15 minute stand-ups. Just like they have done in-person each and every day over the years. Laughing. Ribbing each other. Critiquing their respective kitchen and home workspace backdrops, and their choices of curious ‘just out of shot’ nik-naks.

Throughout they have remained focused. They have retained a clear sense of purpose. And proven my belief that people are the most valuable ingredient in any business. As a team we have our routines – the same ones we’ve always had. And we have embraced some new ones along the way as we have all adapted and learnt just how agile you can really be when you put your mind to it. We have walked and talked in lock-step and I firmly believe this has helped to ward off some but perhaps not all the levels of anxiety we feel.

Working on our wellness together.

The great news is that many of my team love their new found work-styles and the benefits  brought to their everyday activities. So it’ll be no surprise to know that in order to ensure we all continue to work on our wellness, they’ll be fully supported in their choices and preferences when the option to work from the office – or note, becomes safe to do so.

Let’s all ensure we continue to work on our wellness together.

About the author.

Steve Tolton is the Managing and Executive Creative Director at Fuel Integrated.

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