Dean Morris, Operations Director at Fuel Integrated, shares why his Dad is an inspiration.

#Inspiring People: My Dad (Wally Morris).

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Dean Morris

“The more effort you put in… the more you get out!”

Something that I have always lived by and was encouraged to do, in both a personal and professional capacity, making sure ‘the effort I put in’ is to the best standard possible. That not only benefits me but hopefully those around me too.

Like most young boys I always looked up to my Dad and was gently encouraged to push myself, and be the best I can and put the effort in. This was predominantly during sport as a kid (and of course School). It was mainly football, whilst playing for Dad’s local team.

"He was always there to encourage me and put me right on a few things if required."

I worked alongside Dad at Ford Motor Company when leaving school for a couple of years and again was encouraged to put maximum effort in, learn as much as I could. It was there that I guess I saw Dad in action and always admired the way he could interact with everyone, usually using humour along the way… showing me to try and be positive (even if the chips are down), not take life too seriously… work hard, but have fun along the way, and you’ll get your rewards. This is how I approach each day, with family, friends and in my work.

Dad sadly passed away when I was 29… but the photo you see in this post is behind me right now as I write this… no doubt he’ll be checking in.


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Dean Morris is the Operations Director at Fuel Integrated.

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