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Customer comms during Coronavirus.

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Chris Bardy

As brands make important decisions about how to connect with their customers during this Covid-19 pandemic, how can you ensure a positive reaction over a backlash?

It's surprising to see how brands are responding and connecting with their audience, during these unprecedented times.

Much like the rest of Europe and the USA, the UK is currently in lockdown. The message is clear – stay home.

The outside world is essentially closed. But, thankfully, technology has allowed us to continue. It’s allowed us to connect with our friends, family and colleagues. It’s allowed us to keep some sense of normal in these very un-normal times.

I’ve found myself turning to social media more and more in recent weeks. Pre-pandemic, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn were my go-to for creative inspiration, useful information about the industries I follow and weird and wonderful facts. Now, I use the same sites for support, reassurance and guidance.

What social media has shown me over the last few weeks is how people pull together. The friendships and communities created. People ask after each other, offers of help are made to those who most need it. What was surprising was how brands were also responding and connecting with their audience, during these unprecedented times.

All of the work we create at Fuel is based on powering human to human communications. So, I found it intriguing how some brands responses were positive and inspiring, whilst other brands missed the mark completely, and felt opportunist and crass. People remember how brands respond at times like these. So, it’s important to have a clear approach with the right tone.

After observing how brands are connecting with their customers over the past week, here’s a few things I’ve learnt.

Listen and respond.

Pay attention to what your customers are saying. Make sure your response is tailored to them in a calm, positive manner that addresses their immediate concerns and needs.

Provide value.

How can your company facilitate these new needs? What value can your organisation bring to the industry or the wider community? What useful information can you share?

Be open.

Communicating during these difficult times is key. Being transparent about what your organisation is doing can reassure your customers. Keep them up to date and keep them informed. We’re all in this together.


As humans, we crave social interaction and conversation. How your brand decides to communicate now can have a strong, lasting effect on your customers. A positive message from you can go along way. And during these uncertain times, people want to share positivity from the brands they trust and love.

Be smart, be available and be willing to listen, adapt and learn.

About the author.

Chris Bardy is Fuel Integrated’s Motion Creative.

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