Does anyone truly understand what brand experience means or feels like? What is it exactly? Can you put your finger on it? Feel it? See it, even?

Brand experience – what is that?

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Steve Tolton

Well it’s not any one of those things, but every single one of them. As human beings we are a chaotic mix of rational and emotional thoughts, desires and actions.

We’re at times focused. Very often in today’s ‘always on culture’ we are distracted. And when we are ‘engaged’ it’s increasingly just a casual swipe-right or a like that marks our response.

Real brand experience, in Fuel’s language, is a visceral emotional juggernaut that works in step with the rational consciousness. It’s working the triggers to the hairs on the back of your neck.

It’s the way we inspire individuals, or whole audiences - opening up channels to educate and removing objections to engagement.

That’s the zone we work in, with the aim of influencing audiences with our integrated brand experiences, working for international customers and audiences around the world. We work across everything from conferences and live events, to trade shows and one2one sales team enablement.

It’s all about the experience. Fuel your Brand Experience.

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About the author.

Steve Tolton is the Managing and Executive Creative Director at Fuel Integrated.

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