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Product Video Series

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Unpacking the benefits of thin client operating systems.

Dell offers three thin cloud client-computing operating systems to help meet a wide range of customer work styles and environments. Each offers centralised management, a secure desktop environment and a lower total cost of ownership over traditional computing. But how do consumers choose?

Dell asked us to help explain the merits of each of the operating systems on offer through animated videos. One to highlight and compare the benefits of Windows Embedded and Windows 10 IoT enterprise operating systems; Wyse Enhanced Linux Operating system; and Wyse ThinOS from Dell. And another to take a more in depth look at Wyse ThinOS. 

Using 3D animation, we created a bold storyline that helped customers unpack the benefits one by one. The content was upbeat, vivid and fun and matched business benefits to everyday operational needs.  

Both movies were rapidly created in order to seize upon market opportunities. Since production and release they have been well received by the marketing and sales teams across the business.