Six ways to impact your business.

Fuel offers simple, sensible human-to-human communications. That will drive real impact for your business today, for a better tomorrow. Choose from six key Fuel business impact drivers.

Fuel Discovery Workshops.


Our Discovery Workshops are designed to help uncover your current brand and identify your future needs. Find new ways to build demand for your products and services and seamlessly manage your marketing strategy as a whole.

Target audience & tone of voice.

Create a brand that shows it really understands its target audience and how to communicate with it. Establish a unique tone of voice that stands out from the crowd.

Brand & creative strategy.

Integrate your brand’s story and unique value message to drive business and brand awareness. Define your company’s personality and behaviours and communicate themes that will hold your storytelling together.

Vision, values & position statements.

Define who you are, as a business, and what you stand for. Lay the foundations for your brand and the desired future position of your company.

Sales Enablement.

Chooser tools.

Empower your customers to make an informed product choice based upon their needs. Utilising Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), enable your customers to make purchase decisions with confidence, based upon recommendations and insights.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculators.

Demonstrate the benefits and savings your customers could achieve by investing in a new platform or technology, or be able to compare running costs between new and legacy systems.

Transformational sales presenters.

Enable your workforce to accelerate their sales cycles and close deals faster, with more ease.

Campaigns in a Box.

Go to market faster and build a world-class brand, with marketing materials ranging from brand campaigns, pricing strategies and product launches.

Interactive sales collateral.

Go beyond the normal basic sales promotions with interactive, rich media assets. Further support your sales process with collateral designed for high conversion rates.

Automated video service.

Create engaging animated content within minutes. Our automated process allows you to create multiple versions of the same video, personalising the content to a market, region or even specific individual.

Content marketing strategy & creation.

Content creation.

Working as an extra pair of hands, we can help you to turn messaging and content chaos into clarity. Discover new ways and extra time to share your story clearly and confidently.

Campaign microsites.

Meet specific marketing goals from email capture, new product launches, or raising brand awareness, with a simple but effective microsite. Promote your standalone marketing campaign with a more interactive, engaging and satisfying user experience.

Event brand communications.

Capture the essence of your brand with effective event marketing from start to finish, including initial development, promotional phases and during the event itself.

Motion graphics.

Utilise motion graphics as part of your brand’s multimedia marketing mix and realise the benefits of this highly versatile storytelling tool.

Brand 360º

Complete brand consultancy.

Whether you are leading a business start-up or transformation programme, the fuel team has over 30 years experience in delivering real results and impact. What can your brand promise and deliver to your people, customers and partners in a post-Covid reality?

One voice. A shared vision.

Drive authenticity with a consistent relevant messaging that connects with those that your business relies on most: your people, customers and partners.

Value proposition development and messaging.

What’s your story? Without one, what value do you bring to your people, customers and partners? People buy what a brand stands for, as well as its products and services.

Experiential communications.

Complete human engagement programmes.

If you can feel it, it’s real. Nothing drives engagement with the people you wish to connect with more than being right there with them. Fuel has both led on and delivered daring, immersive experiential projects around the world. It’s all about raising goosebumps by inspiring people.

Hybrid and fully virtualised events.

Nothing gets in the way of human interaction. Uniting people when they are forced apart. Shining a light forward in times of separation. Entertaining them to lift and inspire them.

Campaign creation & management.

Integrated campaigns.

Nothing raises heightened awareness, engagement and interaction like a fully integrated campaign. One that pulls all the levers needed, in concert. One that leverages your team’s talents as well as Fuel’s with campaigns that deliver you the tools you need to execute measurably and confidently.

Full service creative and planning.

Defining great customer-focused creative, developing the most effective messaging and plans while equipping you with the tools to succeed is where we help the most.

Our work.