“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative.” Steve Ballmer

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What are the benefits of investing in a responsive site?

What does 'responsive website' mean and what are the benefits of having one?

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Building a diverse, high performance culture.

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So, what is a Cookie anyway?

We define, develop and execute innovative brand strategies and storytelling projects.

An agency that builds ‘digital’ into its communications approach, we have always been an agency that thrives on change. We support people to inspire, educate and engage their customers. Brand and creativity is in our veins.

How we'll support you.

Channel and direct marketing.

We are privileged to work with customers in all areas of technology. Global and regional marketing, channel marketing and communications, direct product marketing teams, event professionals, start-up teams and transformational business units. We are here for you too.


If there’s one industry that permeates every walk of life – it’s information technology. In fact that term is increasingly outmoded by the benefits it brings to the human experience and how we communicate. Fuel has worked with customers at the forefront of VoIP, VDI, Storage and Graphics for the last 15 years. We don’t have all the answers, as new questions are raised everyday, but we do have the experience and understanding to help you solve them.

Market communications.

The democratisation of IT has seen powerful computing access and abilities placed into the hands of everyone: adults, children and seniors all around the world in countries where access is more commonplace than safe drinking water.  Promoting technology has rightfully evolved from speeds and feeds, to how invisible it is and it’s abilities to empower us, boost our thinking and improve our lives. It’s this that excites us at Fuel and our communications experience includes some of the world’s most respected brands.

Digital media and interfaces.

Our work with our technology customers has proven one thing – simplicity wins. Despite the natural complexity of the necessarily clever stuff hidden away behind familiar interfaces, our successes have always been in understanding what it takes to strike at the heart of what matters about a value proposition and then creating simple ways to engage audiences. Whether it’s one-to-one sales tools or events and conferences, Fuel possesses the experience and team abilities to support you where you need help.

Brand strategy and storytelling.

We help you tell it how it is. Technology is only relevant if it’s helpful. We are able to help you form stories and creative messaging that clothe your thinking. We are ardent collaborators and can fit right in with you, your teams and act as an extension of your enterprise. From our Discover Workshops designed to boil down what a brand or product aims to offer, to helping you execute your story leveraging your existing resource, Fuel can help you express your brand and inspire your audience right.


Nothing powers human communications like the opportunity to meet real customers and have them go ‘hands on’ with your product, meet teams or hear from your leadership. Our work in supporting our technology customer spans events and conferences of all sizes ranging from simple pop-ups and a table, to international trade shows and regional conferences. Our abilities lay in being able lead and collaborate with our customer’s stakeholders, partners, fellow agencies and venue organisers, leaving you to focus on your broader communications goals.

Inspiring people, works.

Only when we inspire are we a success.

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